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Banana yellow jade powder prices

English name:   CAS Number:  
Alias: Amino molding plastic Molecular formula:  
EINECS number:   Content ≥: %
Origin / Manufacturer: Shandong

My company's main amino molding plastic, electricity jade powder, according to provide customers palette, color number you want to swap out the product, more than 10 tons from the set, large favorably, welcomed the purchase.

Amino molding (also known as jade powder) is a widely used thermosetting plastics, which in amino resin (main raw material for urea, melamine formaldehyde and a small amount) as the matrix adding other fillers (pulp), release agents, curing agents , pigments, etc. after a certain plasticizing process is made. Because of its good self-extinguishing, arc resistance and good electrical insulation, easy to color, product size and stability, bright color, etc., banana yellow jade powder price widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, machinery, household utensils and other industries, the most common of the familiar, such as: electrical enclosures, wall switches, toilet seats, mahjong, dominoes, chips, and other crafts. Banana yellow jade powder Price: 5400 Online Executive / ton.

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