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Shandong hexamethylene diamine agents

English name: 1,6-HEXANEDIAMINE CAS Number: 124-09-4
Alias: 1,6-hexane diamine Molecular formula: C6H16N2
EINECS number: 204-679-6 Content ≥: 99.5%
Origin / Manufacturer: What Product quality: Premium grade
density: 0.89 g / cm3 model: Industrial
Implementation of quality standards: GB Packing: 160 kg

Our company Henan Shenma hexamethylene diamine in Shandong Province agents, perennial goods, welcomed the purchase.

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99.5% Henan Shenma 160kg / barrel

Product Name hexamethylene diamine

Product English name 1,6-Diaminohexane; Hexamethylene diamine

Synonyms 1,6-diaminohexane; 1,6-diamine

Formula NH2 (CH2) 6NH2

CAS No. 124-09-4

White flaky crystals, ammonia smell.

EINECS Number: 204-679-6 [1]

Molecular Weight: 116.21

Melting point 41 ~ 42 ℃.

Boiling point of 204 ~ 205 ℃.

The relative density of 0.883 (30/4 ℃).

Viscosity (50 ℃) 1.46kPa · s.

The refractive index nD (40 ℃) 1.4498.

A flash point of 81 ℃.

Product uses for nylon 66, hexamethylene diamine Shandong agent polyurethane foam raw materials and epoxy curing agent

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