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Xylene isomerization stage

English name: Xylene CAS Number: 1330-20-7
Alias: Mixed xylene Molecular formula: C8H10
EINECS number: 215-535-7 Content ≥: 99.9%
Origin / Manufacturer: Korea

My company's main Korean imports xylene isomerization Shu grade xylene, solvent grade xylene, annual sales of 1,200 tons, 60 tons of standing inventory, can be irrigated 180kg / drum, stable supply, adequate volume, welcomed the purchase.

Xylene (dimethylbenzene) as a colorless transparent liquid; is the product of two hydrogen on the benzene ring substituted by methyl, there is o-, m-, three isomers in the industry, referring to the above-mentioned xylene isomers mixture. Xylene with special smell, flammable, and ethanol, chloroform or ether can be any mix, insoluble in water. A boiling point of 137 ~ 140 ℃. Xylene moderate toxicity, there are certain carcinogenic. Xylene pollution mainly from synthetic fibers, plastics, fuel, rubber, and various paint additives and a variety of adhesives, waterproof material, but also gas from the combustion of fuel and tobacco. Xylene moderate toxicity, there are certain carcinogenic. For people with certain dangers, life should avoid contact.

Widely used in coatings, resins, dyes, inks and other industries as a solvent; used in medicine, explosives, pesticides and other industries to synthesize monomer or solvent; also be used as high 

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