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Nonylphenol manufacturers latest price

nglish name: Nonylphenol CAS Number: 25154-52-3
Alias: Nonylphenol Molecular formula: C15H24O
EINECS number: 246-672-0 Content ≥: 99%
Origin / Manufacturer: Kyrgyzstan model: Industrial
Product quality: Gifted class

CAS NO: 25154-52-3

The main quality indicators: nonylphenol manufacturers latest price



Nonylphenol content,%.


Other alkyl phenols content,%


Phenol content,%


Water content,%




Hydroxyl value (mgKOH / g)


Main purposes: mainly used for the production of non-ionic surfactants, lubricating oil additives, oil-soluble phenolic resin and insulating materials, textile printing and dyeing, paper making chemicals, rubber, plastic, old age antioxidant TNP, antistatic agents ABPS, plating and coating copper, oil and refinery chemicals, petroleum products, clean dispersant and copper and rare metal ore flotation agents.

Storage and Transportation: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, storage period nonylphenol manufacturers latest price not more than three months. Transport should be light to move with care, to avoid the sun and rain.

This product uses standard 200L plated heart galvanized barrel, net weight 190 kg, and the company also owned tank car, users can send bulk nonylphenol.

Nonylphenol manufacturers latest price: Because before Kyrgyzstan shut down for maintenance, the price increase, but stock still, now perform 14200 Library

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